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5 Reasons Why Organisations May Not Want to Continue Home/Remote Working?

01 July 2021
5 Reasons Why Organisations May Not Want to Continue Home/Remote Working?

 As a result of the pandemic, the way organisations operated changed drastically with employees working from home or remotely. Now the Government has mapped out a path to return to normality, organisations may choose to return to offices. By doing so, organisations may see the following benefits:

1. Supervision

Although organisations have managed to supervise during the lockdown, some have found it is difficult to supervise junior staff remotely. Some staff have not been able to carry out all their duties remotely.

2. Teamwork

Of course, staff can work as a team remotely however the chances are that colleagues are more likely to talk, collaborate and discuss ideas in the office when they are together rather than booking a virtual call.

3. Productivity

Sometimes it’s just easier to talk rather than spending 10 minutes drafting an email and being careful on how you draft the email so that a colleague is not offended. We all know that emails can sometimes come across as rude!

4. IT

Although some organisations invested heavily on their IT infrastructure during the first lockdown, there are some who have not been able to, either because they are not regulated or because they consider it too costly. The challenge organisations may find is ensuring that wherever their employees are working from, it is secure and data is protected.

5. Mental health

Working from home has been a challenge for many, either because they are trying to work and manage childcare or because they are working around the clock and have not been able to spend quality time with their partners! Being able to talk, meet, go out socially feels good. Having time to go out for a walk at lunch or a coffee is good for your mental health! The likelihood is that working from the office, gives many a structure, there’s a time to clock off!

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