Employment Law and HR Training Program for Employer in the UK

At Davenport Solicitors we believe that prevention is critical in mitigating legal risks to your business. As part of our service, we strive to work with you to prevent these liabilities, ensuring that your business is protected and in the best possible position to prosper.

A key component of preventing risk is training and knowledge. The more your staff and management are empowered and equipped with the correct knowledge and training to foresee and appropriately manage risk, the more the business is protected from future liabilities. This ultimately saves costs and management time as well as ensuring the reputation of the Company is maintained.

Few other areas of law affect businesses as pervasively as Employment Law. This fast paced, reactionary, and evolving area of law governs a myriad of workplace matters and leaves organisations open to a vast array of liabilities. Constructively and fairly managing your workforce in accordance with UK Employment Law is arguably the single most important thing you can do to ensure efficient and sustainable growth.

What We Do

As part of our “prevention strategy” we like to work with you at the outset to equip you with the tools to manage your workforce efficiently and compliantly. We do this by empowering you and your staff with the knowledge you need to navigate the UK Employment Law framework.

As expert employment lawyers, we love to share what we know! As well as our legal expertise, this includes our unique practical experience of helping a variety of start-ups and SME’s grow and manage their workforces. We regularly advise our clients on all aspects of employment law, providing day to day practical business solutions which make commercial sense. We work with a range of clients across multiple industries and understand the nuances relative to different sectors.

Contact us to discuss your specific training requirements on any employment law topic. We tailor our sessions to address your unique business needs, empowering you with the right knowledge and skills to navigate the complexities of employment law. Let us help you protect your business and foster a healthy work environment.





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