Exploring UK Business Visas with Immigration Experts

Embarking on business endeavours in the UK as a foreign national requires a clear understanding of the available avenues for entry and activities permissible during your stay. At Davenport Solicitors, we specialise in guiding non-EEA individuals through process of obtaininga UK business visitor visa. Our expert immigration team is here to provide comprehensive assistance in securing your business visa and ensuring a seamless journey.

Unveiling the UK Business Visitor Visa

The UK business visitor visa falls under the umbrella of standard visitor visas, specifically catering to non-EEA citizens seeking short-term stays for business-related activities. This visa category enables you to travel to the UK for up to six months to engage in specific business pursuits. Whether it’s attending meetings, signing contracts, or conducting site inspections, our business immigration experts are here to offer valuable insights into the application process.

Essential Criteria for a Business Visa

To be eligible for a business visa, applicants must demonstrate the following:

  • Intention to leave the UK upon completion of the visit.
  • Financial capacity to support themselves during the stay, without relying on public funds.
  • Adequate resources to cover return or onward travel expenses.
  • Proof of the intended business activities within the UK.
  • Age above 18 years.

Permissible Activities as a Business Visitor

Being on a business visitor visa in the UK grants you the ability to:

  • Participate in meetings, conferences, interviews, and seminars.
  • Deliver non-commercial talks or presentations.
  • Engage in negotiations, contract signings, and deal-making.
  • Attend trade fairs for promotional purposes (without direct sales).
  • Conduct site visits and inspections.
  • Gather information for overseas employment.
  • Receive briefings from UK-based customers, with any actual work conducted outside the UK.

Corporate and Intra-Corporate Activities

If you’re an employee of an overseas-based company, you can also partake in various corporate or intra-corporate activities, including:

  • Providing advisory, consulting, troubleshooting, or training services.
  • Sharing expertise and knowledge within the same corporate group’s UK employees (without client interaction).
  • Conducting internal regulatory or financial audits at a UK branch of the overseas employer.

Navigating Visa Application

Business visitor visa applications can be initiated up to three months before the intended travel. The Home Office strives to render decisions within three weeks. It’s crucial to choose the appropriate visa category based on the specific business activities you intend to undertake during your UK visit.

Exploring Beyond Business Visitor Visas

Apart from the business visitor visa, several other visa options cater to diverse needs. The Skilled Worker Visa facilitates paid work in the UK, while the Innovator Visa encourages innovative business setups. Our adept team can help you identify the ideal visa type for your UK journey.


The world of UK business visas can be intricate, but with Davenport Solicitors as your guide, you’re know you are in good hands. Our expert immigration team is committed to supporting your aspirations and ensuring compliance with immigration regulations. Contact our office or request a call back to explore how we can assist you in obtaining your Business Visa to the UK. Your business ventures in the UK await!


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