Fixed Fee HR Packages for Employers

We understand the critical need for businesses to access swift and responsive legal assistance and guidance concerning employment law matters. That’s precisely why at Davenport Solicitors we have introduced our HR and employment law fixed fee support packages tailored for businesses.


Clear pricing structure with fixed fees or predictable billing arrangements to help businesses budget for HR and legal support.


What We Offer
HR Essential HR Premium HR Premium Plus
Starting from £150/month + VAT Starting from £250/month + VAT Starting from £450/month + VAT
HR / Employment Law Advice Line
Employment Law Audit
Drafting of a Bespoke Contract of Employment
Drafting of a Bespoke Contract of Staff Handbook
Drafting of Director’s Service Agreement
Drafting of Consultancy Agreement
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What’s included in our HR packages:

  1. HR / Employment Law Advice Line– We provide expert guidance on HR and employment law matters, aiding businesses in navigating complex workplace issues.
  2. Employment Law Audit-Our comprehensive review of an organisation’s employment practices will ensure compliance with UK labour laws and regulations.
  3. Drafting of a bespoke Contract of Employment-We will help you draft personalised employment contracts tailored to individual employee needs and company requirements.
  4. Drafting of a bespoke Staff Handbook- We are proficient in creating customised staff handbooks outlining company policies, procedures, and expectations.
  5. Drafting of Director’s Service Agreement-We excel in preparing specialised agreements for company directors, specifying roles, responsibilities, and terms of service.
  6. Drafting of Consultancy Agreement-We have a strong track record in developing agreements for freelance or consulting relationships, defining project scope, terms, and compensation.

Why Choose Our Fixed Monthly Fee Employment Law Advice Line?

A Human Resources (HR) and employment law advice line can offer several key benefits to business owners. Our service provides expert guidance and support in managing HR issues and navigating complex employment laws. Here are some main benefits:

The Benefits of the Advice Line

  1. Direct access to our in-house team of specialised employment solicitors, ensuring a direct and personalised connection with a dedicated solicitor available from 9 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday.
  2. Legal Compliance: Ensures compliance with UK employment laws and regulations, reducing the risk of costly legal disputes and fines. Helps business owners stay up-to-date with changing labour laws, minimising the chances of unintentional violations.
  3. Risk Mitigation: Provides proactive advice on HR policies, procedures, and documentation to reduce the risk of employee-related disputes and lawsuits. Offers guidance on handling sensitive issues such as terminations, discrimination, harassment, and workplace safety to minimise legal exposure.
  4. Time and Resource Efficiency: Frees up business owners and their HR teams from spending excessive time researching employment laws and HR best practices. Allows them to focus on core business activities while HR experts handle compliance and employee relations matters.
  5. Expertise and Guidance: Offers access to experienced HR professionals and legal experts who can provide tailored advice on specific HR challenges and concerns. Assists in creating HR policies, employment contracts, and employee handbooks that align with best practices and legal requirements.
  6. Employee Relations: Helps maintain positive employee relations by providing guidance on fair and consistent HR practices, which can improve morale and reduce turnover. Assists in resolving workplace conflicts and addressing employee grievances in a legally compliant manner.

In summary, an HR and employment law advice line can be a valuable resource for business owners, helping them navigate the complexities of HR management and employment laws while minimising legal risks and ensuring a more compliant and efficient workplace.

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