Directors Service Agreement – Protecting Business Relationships

Defining the parameters of responsibility and the relationship between a company and its directors is crucial. In case the relationship turns sour and a director departs, workplace issues may arise. To safeguard your business needs without harming working relationships, having a Director’s Service Agreement in place can be highly beneficial. 

Understanding the Director’s Service Agreement

A Director’s Service Agreement is a comprehensive employment contract that outlines the rights and obligations of an individual serving as a director and employee of a company. This agreement plays a crucial role in resolving workplace disputes and ensuring business protection.

At Davenport Solicitors, our team of experienced employment solicitors specialises in drafting Director’s Service Agreements for various organisations. We ensure that the agreement covers essential aspects such as notice periods and restrictive covenants to cater to different scenarios.

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How Davenport Solicitors Can Assist with Your Director’s Service Agreement

Our expert employment lawyers can provide the following services:

Drafting a Director’s Service Agreement: We will prepare a comprehensive agreement tailored to meet your specific needs and requirements.

Reviewing a Director’s Service Agreement: If you already have an agreement, we can review and optimise it to ensure its effectiveness and compliance.

Advice on the Terms: Our team will provide expert advice on the terms and provisions of the Director’s Service Agreement to ensure clarity and legal compliance.

Are you currently employed as a director and seeking advice on your contract? Visit our page on Negotiating Employment Contracts here.

By having a well-drafted Director’s Service Agreement, you can protect your business and ensure smoother resolutions to workplace issues, fostering a harmonious work environment. Contact Davenport Solicitors today for assistance with your Director’s Service Agreement.

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