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Support for Cafés, Restaurants and Pubs

26 June 2020
Support for Cafés, Restaurants and Pubs

The government has recently announced a number of ways to help hotel and leisure businesses, who are an integral part of our community. We have set out below some of the key changes that the hospitality industry will see implemented to assist them with recovery:

  • More pubs, restaurants and cafes will be able to serve customers outdoors.
  • The government will make the process simpler and reduce the costs of the licensing process for outdoor seating and stalls, making it easier for people to safely drink and dine outside. Temporary changes to licensing laws will allow many more licensed premises, such as pubs and restaurants, to sell alcohol for consumption off the premises. Customers will be able to buy their drinks from a pub and consume them elsewhere, making social distancing easier. Off-sales, including home deliveries and takeaways, will be allowed in the hours that alcohol can already be sold for consumption on the premises. This automatic extension will mean that the time and cost to businesses who may wish to apply for a variation of their licence will be removed. The new rules on selling alcohol for consumption off the premises do not apply to those who have had permission for this refused or taken away in the last 3 years.
  • Councils are encouraged to reduce red-tape and create more outdoor markets. Proposed planning freedoms will mean that outdoor markets, pop-up car-boot sales or summer fairs will not need a planning application, which will change the way people shop and socialise.
  • Pubs and restaurants will be able to use car parks and terraces as dining and drinking areas, using their existing seating licenses.
  • The government is removing the requirement for councils to get planning permission to set up new markets, supporting a revival of markets and helping to transform the way people shop and socialise.
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