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Brexit and Travelling Abroad

27 July 2016
Brexit and Travelling Abroad

So we now finally have a new Prime Minister. Things are still a bit uncertain however, and there are so many questions. Particularly for those who have booked holidays to EU countries. With half term starting next week for most children, it’s important that travellers stay up to-date on any new rules that could affect them.

There are probably some concerns for travellers but they should be assured that not much has changed yet.

Travellers are able to travel freely within the EU with their British passports and until we formally exit the EU, they can continue to travel within the EU without a visa and so can enjoy their holidays without the extra admin.

Some British nationals may use their European Health Insurance cards, and they can continue to access healthcare during temporary visits to the EU countries using the European Health Insurance Card.

Finally, although the pound has dropped and holiday prices are likely to become more expensive when travelling to the EU in the short term it is important to note that travellers are unlikely to be affected much whilst travelling to the EU.

Happy Holidays!


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