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Coronavirus: employees to get statutory sick pay (SSP) from day one

04 March 2020
Coronavirus: employees to get statutory sick pay (SSP) from day one

Following today’s prime minister’s questions in Parliament, employees will now get statutory sick pay (SSP) from their first day off work, not the fourth, in order to help contain coronavirus.

Under the existing system, those off work due to illness can claim £94.25 per week for up to 28 weeks, but only once an individual has been off work for four or more consecutive days.

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Boris Johnson said people who self-isolate are helping to protect others from the virus and should not be “penalised for doing the right thing”. He also went on to say “As yesterday’s plan made clear, we’re not at the point yet where we’re asking large numbers of people to self-isolate but that, of course, may come if large numbers of people have the symptoms of coronavirus.”

The change is being introduced as emergency legislation and is expected to mean an extra £40 for people receiving SSP. Of course, in order to receive SSP people must be earning at least £118 a week. Others that are not eligible for SSP include the self-employed and those working on zero-hours contracts.

Employers are urged to encourage greater home working where possible and prepare for the potential impact the coronavirus epidemic could have on its operations. This includes evaluating the need to host certain events and travel.

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