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Top HR trends for 2020

10 December 2019
Top HR trends for 2020

As we look ahead to 2020, here are our top HR trends.

People analytics

People analytics is the process of unlocking and utilising the data your HR team has (within your organisation) to positively impact the business. It can also be referred to as HR analytics or workforce analytics.

With the rise of cloud-based HR systems organisations have greater access to structured HR data. Using this data to help make decisions is the difference between guessing and knowing and can lead to a much more positive impact on the organisation.

Millennials on the rise

Millennials are the most studied generation group ever and are set to make up over half the workforce in 2020. They are curious, tech-savvy, rely on instant communication and want to believe in a company’s culture and values.

Millennials believe in balance across their job and personal life and often look to blend the two. They also benefit from clear, consistent and regular feedback from their managers.

It is important not to ignore such a large group of employees in an organisation and, where appropriate, listen to their feedback and provide them with a platform to excel.

Both employer and employee will benefit.

Employee engagement

Employee engagement is not about tricking employees into working harder, but about developing productive working relationships and environments to enable a workforce to make the best use of their skills and abilities. For the benefit of both employer and employee.

Engaged employees are more likely to be invested in their work, leading to a higher quality of work produced. They are also less likely to leave an organisation, leading to a reduction in hiring and on-boarding costs.

Disengaged employees are much more likely to underperform, not embrace company culture and potentially leave their job.

Increased emphasis on employee wellbeing

Employee wellbeing used to be confined to the realms of Health and Safety and focused much more on minimising an organisation’s risk. Recently, organisations have seen the positive impact of improving employee wellbeing at work.

Employee wellbeing now encompasses so much more and a well-balanced strategy should include elements such as:

  • Physical health;
  • Social;
  • Psychological; and
  • Environmental.

The job hunt goes mobile

It is no secret that day-to-day, our phones are our go-to device for most things. Whether that be shopping, dating or communicating with friends and family.

Climbing higher on that list is the job hunt. From researching job roles online, through to gaining an insight into company culture on LinkedIn and applying.

It is important that employers have a complete online presence, showcasing themselves in a good light. From positive employee reviews on websites such as Glassdoor to social responsibility pages on their website. It is also equally important to have a streamlined and mobile-friendly job application process.

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